Getting to know the Simplicity Searchers of 2030

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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The four-hour work day seems like an alien concept to those in many advanced economies (and particularly so in emerging markets), with people working longer hours generally than at any time in the last century.

Even so, the improving efficiency of digitalised services will mean that, for those willing to spend, there will be no administrative chore or research task that cannot be outsourced to some human or machine agent.

Material affluence in 2030’s developed or developing markets will be such that many will be in the position to live this way round-the-clock, and those who are not will still treat their holidays as an opportunity to experience this kind of lifestyle.

Simplicity Searchers

Simplicity Searchers will consistently take these options. They will want as much as possible to be done remotely or by third-parties. They will want options to be laid out before them in simple and transparent formats. They will not insist on managing every little detail of their break on a granular level, but use third parties and systems to simplify their choices into traditional packages, or ‘bundles’ of choices.

Holidays for this tribe represent a rare time in life for pampering. There is a paradox at the heart of this tribe – they may want nothing more than escape, rest and rejuvenation, to forget home life and its worries, but true ease relies on these home comforts. They may be ‘moneyrich’ and time-poor and they may feel ‘burnt out’ by their busy lives.

Simplicity Searchers will be largely uninterested in engaging with different cultures or broadening their horizons. Their ideal holiday will be to safely and comfortably flip the off switch on their consciousness.

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