Getting inside our Altéa departure control solution

Malek Nejjai

Chief Diversity Officer, Amadeus IT Group

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At Amadeus, we’re very proud of Altéa, our departure control system which helps make the travel experience Brighter, Bolder, Better for travellers and our airline customers.

Running an airport has never been more challenging in today’s fast-paced environment. Increased flight numbers, more travellers, growing customer expectations and a global financial recession are just three of a great many factors which add pressure to what is an essential service to so many.

Altéa provides the tools for airlines to improve their resources management, enhance on the ground productivity and, crucially, provide the best possible customer service whilst developing and increasing new revenues.

The video below provides a concise overview of the Altéa platform detailing its customer management and flight management services alongside the overall value for the travel industry itself.

We recently celebrated our one hundredth Altéa airline with the signing of TACA. More on this landmark deal, the Altéa suite and our other customers can be found here.

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