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Get ready for takeoff – NDC’s coming in 2019

Anders Bernström

Expert in Online Travel Solutions and Airline Distribution

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Massive disruption. The end of an era. The end of the industry as we know it. This might sound like a doomsday scenario but we’re about to face the biggest shakeup the travel industry has ever seen. Get ready, NDC is almost here!

IATA’s NDC (New Distribution Capability) idea first cropped up in 2011. Since then it has been steadily gathering momentum. Now, here we are in 2019, the year that NDC is finally going to become a reality.  

During 2018, I’ve been heavily involved in Amadeus’ preparations for NDC and seeing how we can make it work for both the airlines and travel resellers. But, it still alarms me how many travel consultants have never even heard about NDC even though it has been widely covered in the travel press.

Chaos or control?

NDC is going to cause mass disruption to many travel agencies and will raise many new questions. For example: How can I find the best flight offers for my customer? What will change in the booking and confirmation process? Does it affect our back-office and invoicing system?

At Amadeus we are working with enhanced solutions for all travel agency processes. Some will require additional new NDC messages. As a travel reseller you will get access to the NDC content from the first adopting airlines through Amadeus Travel Platform. 

Through NDC, the airlines want to better control and create their unique offers with richer content.

Easy overview in one system

In Amadeus Sell Connect, the NDC airline offers will be displayed beside ‘traditional’ GDS airline content so you can easily compare flight prices and get the best deal for your customer under ‘All Fares’. You will only be able to access the NDC content if your agency has migrated to Amadeus Sell Connect.

Then, the booking and ticketing process will differ between the current BSP ticketing and NDC bookings. There will be a new graphic booking and pay process and the NDC ticket will be issued by the airline after payment. 

Big-time disruption on the radar for travel agencies

The introduction of NDC will be one of the biggest disruptions travel agencies have ever experienced. But, it will also open up new opportunities for travel agencies and consultants who are willing to embrace new technology.

At Amadeus, we are ready to embrace NDC. Are you ready? Read more about how our NDC solutions can support your business here.

About the author

Anders Bernström is Solutions Expert for Online Travel. He joined Amadeus in 1990 and has been based at our Oslo office for 28 years. He believes that besides the introduction of the Internet, that NDC is the biggest disruption which has ever impacted the travel industry during his almost three-decades-long career

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