Gatwick Airport ups runway capacity supported by Amadeus’ cloud-based solution

Michael Ibbitson

CIO, London Gatwick Airport (LGW)

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We have ambitious plans here at London Gatwick Airport over the course of the next decade to simplify our IT infrastructure by moving to the cloud, where appropriate, with the ultimate aim being an improvement to the overall passenger experience.

Part of this modernisation plan involves leveraging cutting edge cloud technology like Amadeus’ A-CDM Portal. It’s a tool that lets Gatwick show the real-time status of all flights, whether in the air or on the ground, to all workers at the airport. The portal also can predict flight problems over the next three-to-four hours, which lets airport managers figure out which flights are on the verge of being delayed and need to move more rapidly through the airport.

We've seen an improvement in communication and operational efficiency at the airport with airlines, ground handlers and service providers all benefitting from the cloud-based solution. Implementation has been quick as well, with 300 users across 30 different airlines, ground handlers and airport service providers in just 8 weeks, which has led to better air traffic management with fewer delays and increased capacity, as well as an improved passenger experience thanks to an integrated approach to operations.

We have received very positive feedback from our Amadeus A-CDM Portal stakeholders since we’ve become the first airport to implement this technology. It is easy to use and enables us to make better decisions that contribute to smoother and more efficient operations. The portal supports all partners at the airport involved in activities from refuelling and de-icing and to ground handling and cargo. Those employees have access to real-time data about what’s happening across London Gatwick – it’s a game changer.

We constantly strive to embrace new technologies at London Gatwick that will improve the travel experience and operating environment. We estimate that with the support of Amadeus’ A-CDM Portal, we will be able to increase runway capacity to 55 flights per hour and more than 40 million passengers on a single runway following wider adoption of the portal in the next year or so.

I look forward to working further with Amadeus so that London Gatwick Airport will continue to be a pioneer in making the airport experience better for passengers and more profitable for airport stakeholders.