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The future travel customer journey is coming closer

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Following our report on future travel customers –Future traveller tribes 2030– we have mapped out what the ideal future customer journey would look like. Ideal, since it caters to their individual needs, and since doing that would make your business more future-proof.

It’s always good to know what’s ahead of us, right?

And the future’s close.

Let’s translate future travellers into future travel customer journeys

This new follow-up report offers you practical advice on how to create a more rewarding and personalised journey – or “purchasing experience” – for your customers, based on their future profiles, motivations and needs.

Since our travellers are no longer defined by their demographic segments, but rather by values, behaviour and motivations, we as travel providers need to tap into the massive amounts of data and social media feedback to create a highly personal travel experience.

What this future travel experience will characterise are:

  • Highly personalised bundles of products and services
  • Perpetual touch points between you as the travel provider and your traveller
  • Frictionless purchasing through new sales channels
  • Devices that inspire and inform your travellers: tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, virtual reality headsets data as competitive advantage gathered through new technologies and techniques

So dive in.

Download the report

We’ve got the full report available as a free download right here, and a nice infographic as a shortcut to the key take-aways.

Future Traveller Tribes 2030

To read more about the Future Traveller Tribes 2030 click here. You will get more details and be able to download the report. 



Check out the infographic

Download here. 

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