How travel influencers view the future of airline merchandising

Robert Booth

Head of Marketing, Airline Offer Suite, Amadeus

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We had the opportunity to talk to six key influencers about their insights on the future of airline merchandising and they had some interesting takeaways.

Ray Pawley, VP Global Sales and Business Development at Evature told us that mobile apps with voice driven search navigation and chat bots to upsell airline ancillaries will be important fixtures in airline merchandising. We’ve explored ways in which chat bots could impact the travel industry, and from an airline merchandising perspective, they have great potential indeed.

Offering travellers ways to make their travel experience better by presenting them with ways to upgrade was highlighted as an important trend by Plusgrade CEO, Ken Harris.

Jean Tripier, CEO at FLYR, said that understanding why airline ticket purchases are perceived as risky and then removing that perception of risk will be a vital element of airline merchandising that could lead to increased conversion in the future.

Travel experience

Creating a truly door-to-door travel experience was at the top of Co-founder and CEO of Blacklane, Jens Wohltorf’s list of things that will impact the travel experience.

Finally, Lisa de Paolo, Director of Strategic Accounts at Ve Interactive, said that recognising the behaviour of a customer that abandons their booking and keeping them engaged throughout the sales funnel will be a key aspect of exceeding in the airline merchandising space in the future.

For more insights from these industry influencers, check out the full video and let us know how you think airline merchandising could help unlock additional revenues in the future.


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