From minutes to seconds: Increasing efficiency and reducing errors with Amadeus Ticket Changer

Michael Chase- Smith

Executive Director, World Travel Professionals

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I recently visited the Amadeus offices to discuss the success and benefits we’ve reaped since implementing Amadeus Ticket Changer in 2014. Not only has our partnership with Amadeus provided us with better integration capabilities but we are now able to offer our clients better corporate travel solutions.

Entrepreneurial spirit and innovation is at the heart of everything we do at World Travel Professionals (WTP), so when we first partnered with Amadeus in 2009, we had high hopes for what we would achieve together. In the past six years, we’ve been successful in developing what we believe is an industry-leading travel management platform, which has powerful integration with the Amadeus e-Travel Management online booking tool and the Amadeus GDS. This has significantly streamlined processes for both travellers and our staff. Implementing Amadeus Ticket Changer has further enhanced our efficiencies.

Amadeus Ticket Changer has cut the time required to manage ticket changes from up to five minutes to just seconds, allowing us to reissue tickets both domestically and internationally with accuracy, while also eliminating the stress of manual processes such as interpreting fare rules and recalculating fares. Amadeus Ticket Changer has increased our efficiency in these areas by up to 80 per cent.

With more time on our hands, we’ve been able to redirect our experienced staff to focus on other areas of service delivery. It’s certainly relieved pressure on staff, particularly in those times of urgent ticket reissues.

The recent NTIA award win for Amadeus Ticket Changer translated into industry recognition for the solution, and WTP is able to leverage off that. Quality partnerships, such as the one we have with Amadeus, go a long way in securing new business opportunities, a further benefit that flows from working with the best in the industry.

If we can continue to develop our technology incorporating advancements in Amadeus technology, we will stay at the forefront of delivering better solutions to our client base.

World Travel Professionals is an Australian Travel Management Company with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and the Gold Coast and employs more than 80 staff.


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