From empires to airlines: the hub that unites great ideas, partnerships and connections

Christophe Bousquet

Senior Vice President, Airlines R&D, Amadeus

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Ever since I was a young boy, when I learned about the ancient great empires of east and west, Istanbul was a magical place I wanted to explore.

As a major hub of the silk road, this city was a bridge between Europe and Asia, and a place where ideas and innovation were traded alongside silk and spices. In many ways, this city profoundly influenced the tapestry of the world, and the way cultures and people connect.

Centuries later, people still travel to discover new cultures, establish new business partnerships, and connect with their roots. The main difference is, travelers’ expectations are higher than ever before.

It seems appropriate then, that it was in Istanbul, at the Amadeus Airline Executive Summit,that we announced the new Amadeus Airline Platform,created with a strategy of partnerships at its core, to foster and accelerate innovation for airlines, and by extension, travelers around the world.

The Amadeus Airline Platformis a data-driven architecture designed for airlines to harness the full power of technology to inspire, convert and delight travelers, and it was designed to be open, simple and agile.

It is open because the platform allows airlines and their developers to experiment, collaborate and integrate with various strategic partners, such as Salesforceor Adobe,to create better solutions for their customers. 

We’ve made it simple because we know that the travel industry’s technology infrastructure is already complex enough. The Platform has a commerce layer containing the three core airline business capabilities: offer management, order management, and operations, powering airlines’ retail transformation. Meanwhile, Amadeus Developer Studiosallows developers to access the Airline Platform’s full capabilities and build on top of it simply, without having to understand the many layers of underlying technology, to simplify code creation and testing.

The Amadeus Airline Platform also breaks down silos to work even closer with airline customers and partners, in new ways. The new Amadeus Airline Platform was built to facilitate stronger partnerships between both airlines and technology players to create better journeys, together. It gives airlines the flexibility to work with developers and other third parties of their choice with clear data available at their fingertips.

All this translates into shorter delivery cycles, more experimentation, and faster learning, lowering the cost of innovation so that airlines can create value and deploy new technologies quicker than ever before, and deploy at scale. This open environment brings apps to market faster, with better integration, increasing the offer for everyone. It allows us to work with airlines in a different way than we have done in the past.

Over the last few years, we’ve already witnessed the great strides that can be made when we work together as an industry to make things happen.

Obviously, a lot has changed since the height of the Roman Empire, when the Silk Road was in full force. It doesn’t take months to order a silk robe from China. Businesses need to adapt to a changing marketplace faster than ever before, and customer demands have never been so high. Used to Netflix, Amazon and Uber, airline customers expect a quick, comfortable and personalized travel experience too. With the Amadeus Airline Platform,airlines will have the power to adapt to traveler demands faster than ever.

Personally, I’m excited to see what the future will bring with this new Amadeus Airline Platform, and to discover the innovations we can create with our airline and technology partners, to discover a new horizon in the world of travel.

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