From honeybees to planting trees – contributing to sustainability is a daily deed

Martine Vaissié

Purchasing Manager, Amadeus France

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As someone who was engaged for many years at an NGO, I am convinced that we all can, in our daily life, through simple initiatives, contribute to a sustainable future of travel. This not only applies to our personal lives, but also to our business environment. That’s why Amadeus France has been committed to a dynamic sustainability project.

bee farm


In 2013, we launched aCSR initiativeto raise awareness about theimportance of sustainable developmentand to involve all our employees in making a difference.

We launched two initiatives – one environmental and the other social.

The environmental initiative

One the environmental front we sought to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, so we installed two honeybee hives on our terrace. Our employees were excited about this project and participated regularly to take care of the hives. Last year the fruits of our labour were realised and we harvested 34 kg of honey, which was then distributed to employees in the form of a ‘honeypot’.

The social initiative

We then connected this with our social initiative and organised an internal event called '1 honeypot = 1 donation'. For every honeypot that was distributed – employees contributed a donation which has subsequently funded a program for community reforestation in Peru.

In tandem with these sustainability initiatives – we also calculated our carbon footprint to measure the impact of our business activities on the environment. With this we defined an action plan to reduce our consumption of water, electricity and paper, while better managing our waste.

Our efforts continue in 2014 with many new projects in the pipeline and we constantly remind ourselves that we need to take action every day in both our personal and professional lives toshape a sustainable future of travel.


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