Four travel industry reports to check out now

John Webb

Social Media Consultant, Amadeus

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We are developing technology for the travel industry that is built on a foundation of research and innovation. This year we have already published several insightful travel industry studies and reports worth checking out. Here’s a recap of the best so far.

asian lady at the airport


How rail in Asia Pacific can maximise ridership and revenues

This rail report,Changing tracks – Five make-or-break factors to unlock rail travel in Asia Pacific, looks at the rapid development of the Asia Pacific rail market. It identifies five make-or-break factors that can enable rail players to tap into their true potential in this vibrant region.

How luxury brands can unlock the potential of global travellers

We have built one of the most comprehensive networks for travel in the world. This means we can now offer travel marketers literally billions of advertising opportunities from a single platform. Our Total Trip Targeting white paper discusses the unique marketing opportunities available in travel.

What if? Imagining four scenarios for the future of global travel

Change is the law of life. This is especially true for the global travel industry. This Amadeus-commissioned study,What if? Imagining the future of the travel industry, undertaken byA.T. Kearney, looks at disruptors likely to affect the travel industry over the next five to seven years.

Journey of Me insights reveal that the ‘Asia Pacific traveller’ doesn’t exist! Here’s why

TheJourney of Me Insights: What Asia Pacific travellers want study explores 14 markets with almost 7,000 travellers participating. This research covers four themes for travel providers to focus on to help them shape the future of travel that travellers want.

Stay tuned to this blog as there is a lot of more research planned for the rest of the year. You can download all of ourtravel industry research, studies, and white papers here.