Fostering innovation in cooperation with French government

Juan Jesús García

Ph.D., Head of Industry Affairs Europe

From Boston to Bangalore, Amadeus is developing the technologies that will make travel work better for everyone. Innovation is central in this respect and we’re fostering it by mobilizing internal resources, external partners, or a combination of both.

This is why I was pleased to attend the 4th edition of the Investors’ Club in Madrid, which has been organized by the French government through their embassies globally. The event aims to establish dialogue with the private sector to collect input needed to define policies and priorities.

The French market is especially important to us as we operate two very successful centers there, including Amadeus in Sophia Antipolis. The team of around 5,000 employees there are mostly devoted to the research and development of technology for travel and tourism. On the other hand, Amadeus in Paris provides commercial, marketing, and services support to French travel companies.

Amadeus is very proud to collaborate with the French government and other public stakeholders such as Business France, OUI Innov and La French Tech in areas of common interest. We have been working together on two areas, fostering innovation and internationalization, which are considered paramount in today’s corporate world. 

Fostering innovation is a goal that Amadeus and the French government share. Working together with other industry partners, academia, and public stakeholders to develop the innovation ecosystem is a must. A recent example is the Amadeus support of the candidacy of Sophia Antipolis to become one of the four Institutes of Artificial Intelligence promoted by French President Emmanuel Macron’s government (in French 3IA: Institut Interdisciplinaire d’Intelligence Artificielle).

Amadeus in the Middle East joined forces with La French Tech during the GITEX Technology Week in October at the Dubai World Trade Centre to help the travel and tourism industry move into the digital age. During the conference, visitors could explore how Amadeus is supporting airlines and airports, hotels, search engines, travel agencies, and tour operators to capture the value of digital transformation.

We will continue to collaborate with industry players and public stakeholders in France and other parts of the world to foster innovation. Doing this makes the travel and tourism sector more sustainable and resilient, bringing benefits for all.

4th edition of the Investors’ Club in Madrid
4th edition of the Investors’ Club in Madrid