Flyin.com, the Middle East’s first OTA to deploy airline merchandising

Faisal Al Homaidhi

CEO, Flyin.com

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At Flyin.com we aim to grow in the Middle East by providing the most consistent and high quality customer service in the travel sector. We’ve already made great strides towards this goal having been recognised as the Middle East's Leading Online Travel Agency at the 2015 World Travel Awards. Now, we want to take our ambitions even further and a key aspect of this is incorporating Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services.

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The way travel is being bought and sold is evolving and consumers today expect more control and more say over the way they travel, throughout their journeys, which is why it is so important for travel retailers to integrate merchandising capabilities. We aim to ensure that travellers will find what fits their needs, and can travel however they want, with satisfaction and peace of mind. Amadeus’ technology and expertise help us perform efficiently  and deliver a convenient and customised travel booking experience.

Amadeus help us deliver added value to our customers

As the first and only Online Travel Agency in the Middle East that offers integrated travel services and innovative solutions for people residing across the region and around the world, we value Amadeus’ advanced solutions that support Flyin.com’s newly developed eCommerce platform integrating ancillary services, including chargeable seats and waitlist seats on light ticketing carriers in addition to up-selling with low fares for eligible carriers. This will undoubtedly help us deliver added value to our customers, as well as airlines, and generate more business.

We strive to improve everything we do by embracing new technology and our partnership with Amadeus is a testament to this vision.


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