Fly-and-drive – the ideal holidays brought to you by Amadeus Cars

Peter Altmann

Head of Amadeus Cars & Transfers, Amadeus IT Group

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Many of those coming on holidays to Spain, where part of the Amadeus Cars team is located, do not need this type of explanation. The concept of hiring a car to explore more of your vacation destination than just the beach in front of your hotel has become very common.


According to the dictionary, on a fly-and-drive holiday, you travel part of the way to your destination by aeroplane, and collect a hired car at the airport so that you can drive the rest of the way.

Actually, Spain has been found to be the most popular destination for travellers to hire cars abroad, says a new international car hire infographics report, released by Avis, the US-based multi-national car rental company and one of our biggest car rental customer.

We at Amadeus Cars would like to provide you with some easy-to-follow tips and tricks on how to save money on fuel and reduce your carbon footprint, for you to make the most of your future fly-and-drive holidays:

  •  Drive in a high gear – to run your engine more efficiently.
  •  Drive smoothly – to avoid unnecessary acceleration and braking.
  •  Slow down – at 110km/h, your car uses 25% more fuel than at 90km/h!
  •  Use air conditioning sparingly – AC can burn up to 10% extra fuel.
  •  Travel light – an additional 50kg can add up to 2% in fuel consumption.

So remember when planning your next trip to beautiful Spain or any other destination: you do not need to settle for a single place but can organize a fly-and-drive holiday – the ideal way to visit lots of different places in a cost and environmentally conscious way.

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