Five of our favorite airline safety videos

John Webb

Social Media Consultant, Amadeus

Every air traveler has seen them at one time or another – the sometimes yawn inducing airline safety video. However, airlines have upped their creative game with a new generation of safety videos that are informative and fun.

Have a look at five of our favorite below.

Virgin America Safety Video

This animated video is fun and at times sarcastic – but its jovial ambiance will certainly hold the attention of travelers, young and old alike.

Delta Airlines – Pop-Up Safety Video

Witty pop-ups appear throughout the duration of this video which features a hefty dose of light hearted humor that makes it much more engaging.

Air New Zealand – The Bear Essentials of Safety

Featuring Bear Grylls – the well-known British adventurer and television presenter – this video is an exciting safety presentation any avid outdoorsman would enjoy.

Thomson Airways Safety Video

Adorable children are always a fan favorite and this safety video from Thomson Airways is chock-full of cuteness with a well-spoken tot giving instruction.

Air New Zealand – An Unexpected Briefing

Perhaps the most epic airline safety video ever produced – this Lord of the Rings themed video pays homage to the recent movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Adventure – much of which was filmed on location in New Zealand.

Which one is your favorite?