Five lessons from our twenty year partnership with a travel management company

Fernando Cuesta

Managing Director, Spain & Portugal, Amadeus

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Being one of the leading European travel management companies has its challenges. It implies being able to provide top-tier service and continuous innovation. At least that is what Juan José Legarreta, Corporate Travel Director of Viajes El Corte Inglés, thinks. However, excellence and innovation are not the only challenges faced by the leading travel agency in Spain. Corporate travel is evolving fast, and Viajes El Corte Inglés is well aware of the exciting future ahead. As their technology partner, our aspiration is to help them create success. So we´ve always paid attention to their needs. This is what we´ve learnt from our 20+ year strong partnership.

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  1. Technology has fundamentally changed the way we manage business travel.

    The agency’s job used to be about providing the perfect travel itinerary. But now it’s about providing the technology so each individual traveler can make their own bookings, make changes, process travel receipts, and stay connected on the go. “A travel management company does not sell trips, they sell high value technology for corporate travelers”, explains Legarreta.


  3. Cross-channel service will soon be taken for granted by corporate travelers.

    Consumer trends have created new expectations and needs and “corporate travelers understand that travel management apps and online expense reconciliation are basic elements in travel policy”, says Legarreta. Not being multichannel is no longer an option. A travel agent has to be wherever and whenever the traveler needs them to be.


  5. High quality travel management services facilitate international expansion.

    Viajes El Corte Inglés has experienced notable international growth, and having the right technology partner has been essential.


  7. Duty of care is not optional; it is at the core of a good travel management.

    “Safety and the ability to add personal experiences to destinations are more and more important when perceiving quality of service provided by travel agencies”, adds Legarreta.

  8. 'Travel solutions need to be end-to-end, because travel is an end-to-end.

    "Corporations want us to provide a solution that looks after the whole travel cycle, generating value and savings during the booking process, enhancing the travel experience and offering post-trip solutions related to consultancy and expense management”, according to Legarreta.

We've learned a lot from our customers and we´ll keep on learning from and with them. Long term partnerships makes this possible. And thanks to our recent global reselleragreement with Viajes el Corte Inglésto implementAmadeus cytric Travel & Expense, our fully integrated online booking tool and expense management system, we will see further opportunities for collaboration and mutual growth.


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