Five ideas for maximising opportunities at Milan Expo 2015

Francesca Benati

General Manager and Managing Director, Amadeus Italy

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Milan Expo 2015 represents a unique opportunity for Italy to maximize the brand perception of its travel offerings. The global event will last six months and feature some 147 official partners, and is expected to receive 20 million visitors. Interestingly, data from research conducted by the agency Explora, shows that about 40% of those visitors will also take short side trips to other parts of Italy.

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With this in mind, the Milan Expo 2015offers a fantastic opportunity for travel players in Italy to leverage the event’s popularity. Here are five ideas on how they can do just that:

  1. Focus on travellers from countries with expendable income
    Travellers from these countries want to experience the best Italy has to offer and they have the money to make that happen. Personalised, customisable services need to be offered to German and American tourists as well as the high-spending Russian travellers and the loyal Japanese.

  2. Make sure travel is seamless
    Travel players in Italy should be integrating technology to offer travellers a fluid and seamless experiencein managing their trip. Easy and seamless ticketing, as well as constantly available and efficient customer support are just a few of the points where attention should be focused. Applications, software, and websites, should adhere to the latest trends with user-friendly interfaces.

  3. Implement ‘bleisure’ services for business travellers
    Combine business and leisure travel and take advantage of the trend of business travellers to add leisure experiences during their time spent abroad. Offer them unique experiences away from the conference rooms where they can really experience Italy in a less formal setting.

  4. Satisfy the appetite for ‘Made in Italy’
    Travellers from BRIC countries value high quality Italian products, whether it’s food or apparel. This is the perfect opportunity to create mutually beneficial relationships by offering special packages in partnership with Italian retailers.

  5. Design a sustainable business model 
    Plan for life after the Expo. Forecasts project about 3,150 new hotel rooms will be available in Milan by 2019. In 2016, the year following the universal expo, facilities will face lower revenue-per-available-room and should be included in medium and long-term business plans.

Have any other ideas for travel players in Milan? Let us know below!


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