Five essentials to make NDC a winner for the travel industry

Gianni Pisanello

VP, NDC-X program, Amadeus

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IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) could deliver greater efficiencies, and a richer and more personalized booking experience, helping the travel industry unlock new revenues. Today, this XML-based messaging standard is at an exciting stage. There’s growing awareness and engagement from the travel seller community, and a critical mass of airlines is making serious investments.

But we have to get it right in order to unlock the most benefits. For NDC to truly succeed, our industry must collaborate to make five things happen:  

  1. We must all speak the same language: We need to use standard 17.2 or above and have standard workflows as per the NDC implementation guidelines.
  2. All the right features - especially servicing: Airlines need to implement the full range of services to enable shop-order-pay-service so agencies can deliver the services for the end traveler.
  3. Performance must take center-stage: Whether it’s flexibility to make changes to travel bookings, super-fast response times, or comprehensive functionality backed by sound reliability, we cannot compromise on performance.
  4. The right economics for the right investment: Airlines and travel agencies need to make the right economic moves to ensure that they are adequately investing in the future of their NDC programs.
  5. Genuinely new and exciting content: The industry needs to embrace new and exciting content or services that can only be created using NDC infrastructure. It’s only when we deliver more value, new or improved services – across the whole travel experience – that adoption will take place.

Getting these five points right will allow us to obtain the economies of scale and the return on investment that we’re all looking for. We must move forward, together. Our NDC-X program unites all NDC initiatives across the company — as an IT provider and an aggregator — so we can work with travel sellers and airlines to drive NDC adoption across the industry. We’re excited to work with our partners and ensure these five elements happen to make NDC a success for all.

We know the destination, but not the precise path. Let’s find it through collaboration. Check out this video and visit our NDC website to learn more.