Amadeus publishes full year financial results

Roman Townsend

Global Corporate Communication Manager, Amadeus IT Group

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This morning we published financial results for the full 2015 year and we have maintained our track record for growth in both revenue and profits.

  • Revenue increased 14.5%, to €3,913 million
  • Adjusted profit grew 10.4%, to €752 million
“Amadeus enjoyed a highly successful 2015 with strong operational and financial performances. We remained highly focused on technology and deployed a consistent level of investment in 2015 to support our long-term growth and profitability goals,” said Luis Maroto, President & CEO of Amadeus.

These strong results were underpinned by further operational improvements in both the Distribution and IT Solutions businesses:

  • Total air travel agency bookings rose 8.3%, to 505 million
  • Passengers Boarded increased 7.5%, to 747 million

Revenue grew in both business lines as we remained highly focused on delivering revenue-enhancing technology for customers. In Distribution a revenue increase of 11.5% was supported by North America and Asia-Pacific expansion; and IT Solutions a rise in revenue of 22.1% was driven by the continued migration of large carriers in Asia-Pacific, as well as upselling and contribution from new areas such as Airport IT and Payments.

The underlying financial structure of Amadeus remained strong. We closed the year with consolidated net financial debt of €1,612 million, representing 1.09x EBITDA (or an estimated 1.56x proforma following the Navitaire acquisition); and the Board of Directors proposed a final gross dividend of €0.775 per share, representing an increase of 10.7% on the previous year.

We are positive for 2016 despite recent economic concerns. This is based upon the expansion of our portfolio, the continual growth of our competitive position, the upcoming migration of further carriers to the Altéa platform, the evolution of New Businesses, and the improved position Navitaire gives us in the low-cost carrier and hybrid segment.

To gain a greater understanding of today’s financial results please see this infographic, have a look at this video, and visit the Investor Relations website. It contains all the documents filed with the stock exchange today and you can download our Amadeus Investor App.



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