How FCM is leading travel management with game changing booking solution

Marcus Eklund

Global Managing Director, FCM Travel Solutions

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As a global travel management company (TMC), we put the needs of our corporate customers and their travellers at the heart of everything we do. With customers in over 90 countries, it is essential that we continue to innovate our products and services. We have to look ahead to the future requirements of our customers, in order for FCM to stay at the forefront of the TMC sector.

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This is why we decided to partner with Amadeus to power our new flagship online booking solution called Seeqa. It’s built on Amadeus’ corporate online booking tool, Amadeus cytric Travel. This has allowed us to build an exclusive roadmap for the platform’s capabilities that includes integrating FCM’s own technology applications and bespoke content.

Over the last few years, the technology that supports a traveller’s journey has changed significantly. Today’s travellers need to be able to book their next trip on-the-go and find the flights, hotels, rail, and car options, as well as other ancillary services they are looking for in just a few clicks. Also, it’s important for the corporation to ensure that whatever the traveller is booking it is within company policy.

One of the first applications that will be integrated and available to our customers is our mobile chatbotapplication called Sam, which supports business travellers with all aspects of travel throughout their trip. Subsequently, further development work is to be undertaken on the user interface and to enhance the user experience.

Easy to use and agile technology is what travellers and corporations need to manage their journeys. Our partnership with Amadeus ensures that this is a reality for our customers and also gives them access to the widest choice of travel content available. We’re excited to launch Seeqa and to have the support of Amadeus to help deliver better technology and power smarter business travel.


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