The explosion of digital data and a new age of intelligence in travel

Marian Hens

Manager, Global Communications Travel Intelligence, Amadeus IT Group

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The last five years have seen an explosion of digital data. On one hand, this can be overwhelming, but on the other, it provides the raw material for real innovation – for businesses specifically, and the travel industry generally.



Recently we launched a discussion paper, Defining the future of travel through intelligence, which examines the big data revolution and how travel players can harness the power of analytics and experimentation to seize opportunities in a rapidly-changing environment.

Video Interview - Pascal Clement

Pascal Clement, Head of Travel Intelligence at Amadeus, has been leading our efforts to unlock the benefits of big data, analytics, and experimentation for travel players. In this video interview, Clement comments on the pivotal role big data and analytics play as the travel industry continues to evolve with new disrupters constantly joining the fray. According to Clement, two significant trends are set to change the travel industry as a whole: the exponential rise of data and information, and the increasing power and storage capability of computers.

These trends, Clement says, are key enablers for travel players to truly understand the behaviours of their customers so they can provide better personalised services and improve their travel experience.

Amadeus Travel Intelligence and How It Can Help Travel Companies

For more insights on the potential of travel intelligence – have a look at thefull video interviewand be sure to download a copy of theDefining the future of travel through intelligence report.


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