Exploring ways to digitalise the European travel marketplace

Juan Jesús García Ph.D.

Head of Industry Affairs Europe, Amadeus IT Group

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The creation of a digital single market is one of the top ten priorities defined by the European Commission. To support this aim, The European Parliament's Transport and Tourism Committee recently held a hearing to explore ways to break down the barriers preventing the free flow of online travel services across national borders.

European Parliment Debate

Our experience and knowledge in shaping the future of digital travel provided me with plenty to talk about during the debates, which were initiated to collect input for an upcoming EP report focused on the ‘the new challenges and concepts for the promotion of tourism in Europe’. Digitalisation is creating opportunities, which we have analysed in some of our research, including last year’s Shaping the future of travel.

During the debate, our policy recommendations focused on three main areas;

  • Stimulating travel companies to embrace digital by providing smart funding that incentivizes adoption and implementation of digital solutions
  • Reinforcing sponsorship by the EU to help SMEs become more visible internationally and foster collaboration amongst travel players
  • Smart regulation by guaranteeing a level playing field, transparency and neutrality

This platform presented a unique opportunity to raise awareness about the important role that Amadeus is playing in the digitalisation of the travel marketplace in Europe and around the world. Through the development of our VisitEurope app, which recently earned the prestigious Ulysses Award for innovation in research and technology, we've been able to actively support the development of travel in Europe. Initiatives like this, and other in which we work closely with local governments, go a long way towards helping the European institutions realise their vision of a digital single market in Europe.

Have a look at the Transport and Tourism Committee’s page for more.


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