Exploring the different traveler types for more personalized travel

Steve Joseph

Head of Content & Social Media, Amadeus IT Group

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We've published numerous blog posts about the various traveler types that have been identified through the analysis of the Amadeus Traveller Trend Observatory (ATTO).




Through previous research we were also able to identifyfive emerging traveler types in Asia Pacific. These included, regional traveler types, such as the the Visit Friends and Relatives (VFR) traveler, who want to visit loved ones as relationships become internationalized, especially from countries with large populations such as India and China.

Tech-savvy young travelers, orNextGen travelers, who we highlighted recently in a blog post, are largely arranging travel on the internet and their numbers are set to steadily rise in the future. In regions such as the Middle East –understanding who they arewill be crucial in shaping the future of travel around the world.

The Generation ‘S’ travelers – orsenior travelers, an important demographic we recently blogged about, are the over 50 travelers who want to fulfill their life ambitions to travel and they increasingly have the disposable income to do just that. Regional and global travel players cannot afford toignore themas their numbers increase globally.

Corporate Travelers

Finally, corporate travelers, will remain an important traveler type – but what was once a demographic dominated by males – is changing. In Asia pacific – the number offemale business travelersis set to increase significantly and this will be a niche type that regional travel players willneed to understand.

What do these travelers perceive as being valuable during their experiences? How can travel players help make their trips smoother and more interesting? What would make their life easier and hassle-free when traveling? What do they really need at the time of planning travel?

We seek to answer these questions and more as our vision for theglobal travel ecosystemand a more personalized travel experience continues to take shape. Stay tuned to this blog for the latest research and analysis on traveler trends.


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