Inspiring new explorer generation of travelers vital for travel industry

Steve Joseph

Head of Content & Social Media, Amadeus IT Group

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More than 2.5 billion ‘millennial travelers’ are already taking trips – but just how can the travel industry inspire them and what do they expect from their experience? This question and others related to the ‘new explorer generation’ will be a key theme during next week’s Economist event in Madrid.



Some key blog posts

In preparation for the event, we've unearthed a selection of key blog posts related to this next generation of new explorers.

Understanding NextGen travelers crucial to shape the future of travel

Tech-savvy travelers who are substantial Internet and social media users are poised to be the heavy travel consumers of the future. But how can the travel industry enrich the experiences of this digitally native generation? This post recaps a panel discussion in Dubai that explored this topic.

How is social media most valuable to the travel industry?

Social media has already changed the way we travel – from inspiration to booking – but how is it really most valuable to the industry? We conducted a poll to see what you had to say about this question and this post delves into the results.

The evolving needs of NextGen travelers shape travel technology

‘NextGen travelers’ are smartphone-wielding globe-trotters who prefer to chart their own course. They are constantly seeking new travel experiences, and are adept at creating customized travel packages accordingly. This post features an infographic and video that sketches a clear picture of this important demographic.

FITUR 2015 explores trends in travel and technology with global industry leaders

FITURTECH featured an opening keynote speech by Irene Cano, General Manager of Facebook Spain, and this post recaps her presentation and some of the important takeaways for the travel industry.

Catering to young and tech-savvy explorers

As a key travel industry enabler, we want to match NextGen travelers with the technology that will give them a better experience. This video paints a picture of who these travelers are and how industry players can better connect with them.


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