How Expedia is striving to be the best place to shop for travel

Greg Schulze

Senior Vice President, Global Tour & Transport, Expedia Inc.

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We have a reputation to uphold as one of the world’s largest travel companies. Our customers expect a smooth and simple experience when they purchase flight, hotels or other holiday experiences. With this in mind, we’ve been investing in new ways to help make Expedia the very best place to shop and book travel.

Expedia on How Fare Families Empowers Online Shoppers to Compare and Purchase Bigger & Better Travel

Shopping for and booking an air ticket can be stressful. We want to improve this process by removing complexity, while providing our customers all the information they need. This means clearly showing them what’s included and what’s not so they can compare options and make informed purchasing decisions.

Technology has enabled us to show our travelers more choices. With our implementation of Upgrade Options (our branded version of Amadeus Fare Families), online shoppers benefit from an enhanced shopping experience, greater transparency, and more choice to personalize their flights. Airlines also benefit from enhanced product display, upsell opportunities, and a new way to differentiate themselves across all channels.

Our business benefits by enhancing customer service, increasing loyalty, and realizing new revenue generation opportunities.

We expect this is just the beginning of taking our air product to new altitudes as we have plans to roll-out Upgrade Options with additional carriers throughout 2016.

Together with Amadeus, our innovative technology partner, we’re confident that we are well prepared for this expansion.

Check out this video where I elaborate on how we’ve been successful with Amadeus Fare Families.


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