Expanding your influencer network to connect your brand with more consumers

May Inkersole

Senior Manager, Airline Distribution Marketing, Amadeus IT Group

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Videos have long been a source of inspiration and information but with the rise of social media, reliance on videos for quick and engaging content has boomed. In this new age where anyone can have a voice and generate a planet load of followers, social media “celebrities” or influencers - many of whom are asked to feature, or give their opinion on, products or services -- have become the new brand ambassadors and/or terminators.

Nurturing and reaching an influencer’s followers is a critical component of digital marketing. So, what if you could leverage burgeoning influencers around the world to connect your brand to more consumers using video? TravelCast, an interactive rich media platform being developed by Amadeus, allows you to do just this.

Traditional advertising and product placements were the first steps in audio visual marketing but TravelCast’s interactive features now take this several steps forward.

The platform features videos from global social media influencers who can tag the videos with clickable content. This provides viewers with not only travel inspiration but also instant access to all the information they need about a destination, a tour, a flight, or a hotel etc. It even allows them to shop and book directly on-screen - all within the same video!

TravelCast is one of the innovative initiatives Amadeus is working on for its airline customers to help them inspire and draw in customers from different channels, in order to drive revenues.

David Trastour, one of the key figures behind TravelCast at Amadeus, recently explained how the interactive rich media platform is quickly set to become another marketing and sales channel for airlines and other travel providers - check out our recent conversation in this video.

To see what TravelCast looks like and where your brand could fit in, check out the latest videos from the platform’s influencer community at www.travelcast.tv.