Everyone travels - but differently: Personalisation key to create better travel experiences

Joachim Raffin

Manager, Product Management Amadeus Hotel Platform - e-Commerce Suite

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These words, by the great Scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson, rang more true than ever during my epic 96 hour journey from France to Fiji. I reflected on them and began to understand what they meant – at least to me – as I passed countless travellers in the airports I went through. Maybe, as Stevenson so eloquently pointed out, the destination was secondary to the act of travel and the anticipation of arriving at that destination.


“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” 

Though, with some of the frustrations and travel pain points I witnessed on my journey, it’s no surprise that many travellers do not share Stevenson’s romantic interpretation of travel. Take for example the stranded business man grounded by adverse weather conditions or the impatient mother trying to make her flight amidst a long security queue. For them, travel is about getting from point A to point B with as little fuss as possible. To get more insight on travel experiences, I asked travellersabout what they thought would make travel better for the future.

In an industry as standardised as international travel, where one flight pretty much looks like the rest, there is nevertheless something that makes each unique in its own right – the travellers. Next time you take a flight, look around at your fellow travel companions. Are you like the Gen-Y girl that cracks a smile as soon as the flight attendants give the go ahead to use personal electronics or are you more like the suit-and-tie business man, patiently waiting in the queue sorted by sequence number to board a low-cost domestic flight?

The one size fits all approach has been a key factor to successfully spread affordable tourism worldwide. But it's now time for the travel industry, from travel agencies to airlines to rail providers to hotel chains, to shift to the next level and offer a truly personalised travel experience. In Amadeus Product Management, we try to impersonate each of these individuals, in real situations, to think about the ideas that will shape the future of travelat every step of a trip, from the choice of a destination till the moment they reach it.

We at Amadeus believe that this is the key to creating innovative personalised travel solutions – so travellers in the future can enjoy the act of travel as much as they enjoy the actual destination.

Have a look at this travellers’ view infographic about my trip around the globe for some more insights.


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