Amadeus earns acclaim at Europe’s Corporate Startup Stars ranking

Marion Mesnage

Head of Research, Innovation & Ventures, Amadeus

Innovation is all about turning new ideas into cutting-edge solutions to deliver value to our customers and the traveler. To do this, Amadeus actively partners and nurtures startups that espouse this mentality.


We are delighted to earn recognition in this respect from the European Commission’s Startup Europe Partnership initiative. For the first time, Amadeus has been included in the ranking of the 36 companies working most collaboratively with startups across Europe and we received the Open Innovation Innovative Approach Award. This is special for us because companies that earned these awards were nominated by European startups tasked with identifying players that have gone the extra mile to establish beneficial partnerships.

Amadeus looks for startups at different stages and addresses their needs at a global level. Since 2014, Amadeus Ventures has introduced more than 150 startups to our business and we’ve developed more than 20 joint projects with our portfolio partners, which grows by three to five companies every year.

We also work with startups through several other programs as well. The Amadeus Open Innovation program targets tech startups across regions, segment, and functions and engages with them depending on their needs. Early stage startups can access Amadeus APIs and data through the Amadeus for Developers program to help them build, launch, and improve their applications. Amadeus Explore is our partnership program for more mature startups to provide them with customer reach, expertise, and marketing exposure to help them scale faster.

At Amadeus, we leverage our global footprint and commitment to innovation to help nurture startups and provide them with global reach. While business potential and financial viability are important factors to consider when we make partnership decisions, we also equally value entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do. 

You can learn more about what we are doing in research, innovation, and ventures here.


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