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Hanna Atnafu

Manager, Corporate Communications, Ethiopian Airlines

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Recently we celebrated 70 years of dedicated and highly successful air transport services to, from and within the continent of Africa. During that time, Ethiopian Airlines has earned the reputation as an aviation technology leader in Africa with the introduction of many new aircraft and systems to the continent. Currently, Ethiopian connects a total of 92 cities on five continents, 52 of which are in Africa.

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The past 70 years have laid the foundation for Ethiopian’s vision to become the most competitive and leading aviation group in Africa. According to the vision, we will be providing safe, market driven and customer focused passenger and cargo transport, aviation training, flight catering, MRO and ground services by 2025. Bringing this vision to fruition requires collaboration among industry players and our partnership with Amadeus is an important aspect of this. Our partnership with Amadeus has created the opportunity necessary to maintain our position as Africa’s largest, most profitable and fastest growing airline. Moreover, Ethiopian is working with Amadeus towards achieving our Vision 2025.

Ethiopian Airlines brought the jet-age to Africa, and its history boasts many firsts on the continent. Ethiopian has been a pioneer of African aviation providing the first jet service on the continent in 1962, and providing the first African B767 in 1984, the first African B777-200LR in 2010, and the first African B787 Dreamliner in 2012, second only to Japan. Continuing in this spirit of leadership, we will introduce the new Airbus A350 XWB — Africa’s first — in June and we will obtain the next generation advanced fleet of the B737 MAX, placing us in a position to continue to lead 21st century aviation development in Africa.

Hanna Atnafu Manager, Corporate Communications, Ethiopian Airlines

Hanna Atnafu
Manager, Corporate Communications, Ethiopian Airlines

We’re already making great strides towards our vision with the establishment of the Ethiopian Aviation Academy, which is the largest and most advanced institution of its kind in Africa. It has been recently recognized as an ICAO Regional Training Center of Excellence allowing it to develop and host ICAO Training Packages (ITPs) in addition to ICAO recognized Standardized Training Packages (STPs) of its own. Currently, the academy has the best aviation training technology available, including more than 20 pilot training aircraft, the finest expertise, dedicated and experienced instructors, and a perfect environment for students. It serves as the ideal career launch-pad for young Ethiopian and African cadets joining the various spheres of aviation. Ethiopian has a proven track record of preparing cadets for future excellence in the aviation industry.

Seventy years is a long time, but Ethiopian is still young, strong, forward looking and ready to contribute to an integrated, prosperous, and peaceful Africa with partners like Amadeus.

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