How Ethical Travellers can benefit from local knowledge

Bart van Poll

Co-Founder & Co-Owner, Spotted by Locals

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Travelling abroad will become ‘normal’ for a lot of new people and in the next 15 years, travellers will be even more independent, with the borders between traveling for pleasure and work abroad becoming blurrier. Travellers will increasingly want to blend into a destination, and experience them like a local, while being conscious of the impact of their travels. As such, we think the Ethical Traveller tribe will grow faster than most of other tribes identified in Amadeus’ report.

ethical travellers infographic

This will have a big influence on the travel industry.

When promoting a destination we think the travel industry should and will focus more on what’s really unique about it and let travellers experience a destination like a responsible local! This will attract a different kind of tourist, will spread tourists around, and will save many destinations from become overcrowded.

Spotted by Locals empowers Ethical Travellers

Empowering Ethical Travellers with resources like Spotted by Locals, a series of apps and blogs with up-to-date tips by handpicked locals in 62 cities in Europe and North America, will give them the ability to better use their conscious as a guide when organising and undertaking their travel. Locals ("Spotters") write about their favourite spots in the city they love - and encourage travellers to experience their city like a local, which not only promotes sustainability by supporting local businesses, but also gives Ethical Travellers an authentic experience.

By actively encouraging and making it possible to experience destinations like a local, Spotted by Locals aims to make a modest contribution to making the world a better place, a primary goal for Ethical Travellers as well. We believe resources like Spotted by Locals will play an important role for this traveller type in the future as they increasingly rely on local recommendations to plan ethical holidays.

Check out Spotted by Localsfor yourself and download the Traveller Tribes 2030 reportsfor more about Ethical Travellers.


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