Eros Tours & Travel: Why Amadeus is my family, not just a technology partner

Suny Khurana

CEO, Eros Tours & Travel

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Family. This word can conjure up all sorts of wonderful thoughts and memories. For me, I’m lucky that family means helping each other out and knowing I can call them any time of the day or night. That also perfectly describes my relationship with Amadeus. They are not just a technology partner to Eros Tours & Travel; they are my family.

Although I started Eros Tours & Travel back in 1990 when we handwrote tickets for hundreds of customers a day (yes, there was a time before phones and email!), we transitioned to become an online travel agency in 2001 thanks to our homemade booking engine.

Eros Tours & Travel has grown immensely since then (from only four employees when we started to over 200 today) but we have really ramped up in the last few years thanks to our partnership with Amadeus.  Securing business growth and being able to effectively pivot your model to adapt to industry changes are essential to staying alive in this business.  That’s why we have taken on the challenge to double the number of servers we have handling our business and why we’ve partnered with Amadeus to train over 100 new call center agents.  We know that booking travel doesn’t just happen between 9 and 5 so, thanks to having our new team of trained agents, we offer 24-hour customer service.  

Improving our customer service capabilities was one game changer. The other was meeting the traveler expectation to be able to quickly browse through and compare different travel options before booking. We know that Amadeus’ fast response time in providing options to travelers is key to keeping the customer happy.  And at the end of the day, making sure our customers are happy is crucial.

Our partnership with Amadeus has enabled us to do this thanks to the huge breadth of content available.  In fact, the richness of Amadeus’ content and its relationships with over 400 airlines was the number one reason we chose to work with them. 

Without the robust content and technical expertise of Amadeus and the Live Travel Space, Eros Tours & Travel wouldn’t be on the growth trajectory we’re on today.  Plus, who would answer my calls at 11pm?

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