Enabling connected travel experience key trend facing global players

Steve Joseph

Head of Content & Social Media, Amadeus IT Group

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Next week’s Economist event will explore the most important trends facing global travel players during the next decade with an aim to forecast just what the industry will look like, based on the evolving demands of both leisure and business travellers.



The future of connected travel

One of the key themes of the one-day event held in Madrid will be the future of connected travel. What role will it play in shaping the travel landscape? How can travel players seize the opportunity it offers? We’ve compiled a list below of some of our top blog posts that may shed some light on these question and stir debate ahead of the upcoming event.

Enabling the travel industry to shape a multimodal future

In this video interview, VP of Industry Affairs, Svend Leirvaag, discusses what we are doing to shape a multi-modal future of travel through our work with the European Union and other travel players.

Shaping the future of travel with Cabify

This post features an interview that provides insights on the motivations drivingAmadeus Ventures and what they look for when making investments in travel related start-ups like the car hire provider Cabify.

Keeping connected – the future of travel in Asia Pacific

It’s clear that Asia Pacific travellers want a more seamless journey. This post takes a look at the ways regional travel agents can respond to the evolving needs of travellers through the community travel model.

A multi-modal Europe – vision or reality?

The European travel system is set for big changes and Amadeus is right on the front line. In this post, Thomas Drexler, Director of Rail and Ground Travel, provides a detailed update on the travel industry’s progress in reaching the European Commission’s vision for a multi-modal Europe.

What lies beyond the tunnel for intermodal transportation?

This post, authored by Thales, elaborates on phase two of theAll Ways Travelling (AWT) consortium’s goal to allow passengers anywhere in Europe to move easily from point A to B via multiple modes of transport.

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