Live Travel Space: Empowering retail travel agencies in every corner of the world

Leon Herce

EVP of Retail Travel Agencies, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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Working in the travel industry is for the lucky ones: we help people create some of life’s most valuable experiences. And in order to start planning these experiences, a travel agency that knows your name, that can talk you through different options and who will actually be there for you if anything goes wrong, makes organizing these unforgettable events that much easier.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

We believe the retail travel agency experience is and should be a unique one – one where the human touch makes your journey just that little bit better, unforgettable.

From small and medium sized travel agencies with physical store presence to (specialized) tour operators, and from large networks and consolidators to diversified, multi-channel local or regional champions, the retail segment is an important customer group for Amadeus. We are excited to serve thousands of retail agencies who maintain the human touch in every corner of the world. We want to make sure we are seeing the world through their eyes, to provide them with the best in class technology that allows them to invest their time in servicing their customers better.

Successfully operating in this industry for 30 years now, we have learned that the only constant in travel is change! In this complex, connected and personalized world, we aim to find, together with our customers, the right answers to the challenges they are facing in their daily business. Challenges such as changing traveler needs and expectations, business disruption, increasing cost of customer acquisition and diminishing customer loyalty.

With the objective to offer the right solutions to these challenges, we are leveraging our technology today and exploring more future oriented innovations like artificial intelligence and voice recognition to adapt to our travel agencies and tour operators’ needs and their customers' expectations. Because the future of retail is happening now!

Many of our travel sellers are exploring new retailing concepts, using technology and social media to more efficiently serve their customers, and helping people find their dream travel experience through a myriad of options. We want to remain the trusted partner to empower our retail travel agencies with innovation and technology, being open to their needs, dynamically adjusting to serve them and help them to be connected across the industry. Together, we want to turn travelers into authentic “fans” through unique experiences. And navigating through the various business models we want to enable our customers to find new ways of growing their business in the travel industry.

To meet the fast-changing needs of our customers, we are evolving from a Global Distribution System (GDS) to a Live Travel Space. We are building an open, dynamic, and connected space where all industry players can join and collaborate to deliver memorable journeys. It’s a space for our customers to grow with solutions that are tailored to the way they do business and serve travelers.

Stay tuned for updates from our Retail Travel Agencies team on how we’re working with our customers to shape the future of travel.

This is part of our Live Travel Space series, where we’ll talk in detail about all the changes we’re making to bring us closer than ever to our customers, and become more open, dynamic, and connected by evolving from a Global Distribution System (GDS) to a Live Travel Space.


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