Empowering inspiration: the future of travel search

Stephane Durand

Vice President Americas, Online Travel Agencies, Amadeus

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The combination of travel and ‘online’ has long been an incredibly effective one, ever since the inception of the very first online travel website, more than a decade ago.

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For us at Amadeus, online travel has been, and continues to be, one of the main drivers behind our commercial growth and continued success around the world.

With this in mind it is increasingly essential to better understand travellers’ individual needs, and those future trends which will moreover shape and influence the continued evolution of technology.

In fact, in many ways consumers are becoming what we call ‘expert travellers’: the more we understand how they do theirtravel search , shop and book their travel, both now and in the future, the better we can help online travel agencies and tour operators to best engage with their customers.

And although technology, especially within the booking arena, has arguably come a long way in a relatively short space of time, we believe it is actually only the beginning. In fact online travel is a powerful platform for innovation, something that is very exciting for a technology company such as Amadeus.

It is against this backdrop that we recently developed a new study entitled ‘Empowering inspiration: the future of travel search', in partnership with PhoCusWright, with the aim of stimulating discussion within the industry and opening doors to new commercial opportunities for Amadeus in tandem. The study examines consumer behaviour across multiple regions from around the world, to understand how travellers make holiday and travel decisions today, and how they would like to make them in the future.

Specifically, the study looks at:

  • Opportunities to improve inspiration and customer conversion, when looking at different levels of frustration
  • Opportunities to provide a smarter user experience online
  • And finally opportunities to optimise your business and grow revenue

We hope you will find this study of interest. For more information, download the Empowering inspiration: the future of travel search study.

Empowering inspiration: the future of travel search study.

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