Empower and engage travelers through safety awareness

Michael Becker

CEO, GeoSure

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There has never been a more important time to elevate safety awareness for travelers than now.  In the current age of information overload and the ‘need for speed’, there lies unprecedented opportunity for travel sellers to keep their travelers safer, happier and reassured. No traveler enjoys running into unexpected problems while on the road, or the feeling of not “knowing before going” to an unfamiliar location.  

But what if you could know just how safe the location you’re travelling to is before getting there? What if you could understand the safety of neighborhoods around your hotel during the trip? Most importantly, what if travel and hospitality platforms could leverage this information to enhance the travel experience, increase customer retention, and promote safety as a core brand benefit?

GeoSurecan help answer these questions. Recently named a Newsweek Travel App of the Year 2019, we are a US-based start-up that aims to help people understand safety better on a personalized, hyper-local, real-time basis through location-specific safety ratings. We help empower travelers, whether business or leisure, to know more about the places they are heading while reducing stress on the road and providing more peace of mind when in new or unfamiliar places. Ultimately, this enriches our channel partner’s user experiences.

Through a combination of big data, AI, crowd-sourced reporting, and geospatial intelligence, we provide an assessment of travelers’ personal safety across 43,000 locations worldwide on the device of their choice - mobile, smart watch or tablet - or even on desktop booking tools. 

For instance, if you’re thinking of scheduling a trip to an unfamiliar location, download the GeoSure app or access the GeoSure Safety Experience through your preferred travel booking channel. Then add the hotel address or destination, and the contextualized safety ratings will appear in real-time, as well as in an optional personalized format based on characteristics such as gender, age, travel experience, etc.  

There are also features to share traveler experiences, daytime/nighttime safety dynamics and more. All delivered in a highly curated and engaging User Experience, to improve the arc of the travel experience from booking to the next trip.

GeoSure provides scores based on seven safety categories - Overall Safety, Women’s Safety, Health and Medical, Theft, Physical Harm, Political Freedoms and LGBTQ Safety – which range between 1 (safest) and 100 (least safe). And the best part about it is that the information is expressed in a very intuitive way: it’s color-coded. It starts with green, heating up to amber and finally a warning red.

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We currently count nearly 15 million users globally and continue to evolve and scale with the leading platforms in the travel industry. That is why we are thrilled and privileged to announce we recently became a member ofAmadeus Explore!

As a key part of Amadeus’ innovation ecosystem, this global initiative helps technology start-ups like ours scale faster. It will help us connect to the wider travel industry as well as customers, enabling us to promote and distribute our solution at a global scale. By joining the program, we will also gain access to industry experts who can market test our safety solutions, helping us make the platform even more effective in empowering global travelers.

We see this as an ideal way to grow from here and, in return, help Amadeus support their customers by making the world of travel safer and more predictable, while delivering an engaging experience.