Caring for your employees when disruption hits

Francesco Marcandalli

Associate Director, GCG Strategy, Planning, Partners, Amadeus IT Group

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Uncertainty is the only certainty in the world we live in. The stress of corporate travel is only amplified by the uncertainties around us. Disruptions due to strikes, security risks or natural disasters, are all incidents a corporate traveller cannot afford.  What if there was a comprehensive tool that enables corporations to manage travel disruption for their employees in an efficient and effective way? Enter Amadeus Mobile Messenger.

Amadeus Mobile Messanger

Take 34-year-old Maya for instance, a fictional product manager at an office in New York. She is the typical corporate traveller. She perfectly fits the Obligation Meeter profile from our Future Travellers Tribes 2030 study. Obligation Meeters have time-bound, ‘hard’ travel objectives that restrict their travel choices.

So when Maya, who is currently in Central Europe meeting local sales teams, hears of a hurricane looming over the Atlantic, she is immediately concerned about flight cancellations and reaches for her mobile to call her travel agency and find alternatives.


Now, what if her office was using Amadeus Mobile Messenger? The situation would have been managed very differently.

  • Risk Aware:

    Using Amadeus Mobile Messenger’s risk intelligence, the ABC Corporation travel manager, HR or security team can proactively monitor potential risks across the globe. The team can view risks by country on a dashboard. So they are already aware of the impending hurricane

  • Locate Maya instantly:

    The travel manager is able to track Maya’s location in real-time by viewing her itinerary on a map or by asking Maya for her GPS location, to check if she is impacted

  • Filter and group travellers:

    Not just Maya, but anyone travelling across the Atlantic is on the travel manager’s radar. In addition, the manager can assign different travel managers to different groups of travellers to increase efficiency

  • Communicate quickly: Maya receives an alert on her mobile from the agent to check if she needs assistance. Thanks to two-way communication, she can easily reply
  • Deliver assistance: After reassuring Maya in a message, the travel manager can make alternative arrangements.

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

No one can predict the future, but one can always be better prepared. With a tool like Amadeus Mobile Messenger, a corporation or travel agency can now easily locate travellers, communicate with them quickly and offer them assistance. A whole suite of features: – global risk monitoring, real-time flight status tracking, data filtering to locate or group travellers easily, two-way communication, workflow optimization, work effortlessly together to get the job done.

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