Emerging traveller trends highlighted at Digi.travel EMEA event in Athens

Mónica Clemente

Senior Manager, Innovations and Ventures, Amadeus IT Group

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For the third year in Athens, Greece the Digi.travel EMEA Conference & Expo covered the major topics surrounding digital marketing and distribution for the tourism industry. I was on hand to present the key findings from the Amadeus Traveller Trends Observatory (ATTO), which included how the three different types of travellers are articulating different travel expectations.

monica clemente

Types of travellers

For example, we’ve seen NexGen Travellers in the 18 – 30 year old age group, express an interest in affordable yet unique experiences. On the other hand, Active Seniors in the 60+ age range (who will make up 21% of the population by 2050) desire ‘controlled-adventure’ and safe travel experiences. Corporate Citizens, who are frequent business travellers, want spontaneous experiences personalised to their needs.

Launched back in 2102, the Amadeus Traveller Trends Observatory monitors trends impacting the travel industry, including big data, the Internet of things, wearables, biosensors, and how all of these technological improvements can better serve the purpose of travel personalisation.

We also closely monitor the sharing economy and the shift that it has represented in the consumer mind-set, which places an importance on having memorable experiences rather than owning things. And finally, we analyse the role that mobile will continue to play as a key enabler for some of the needs expressed by travellers.

Positive responses

Attendees at the event were especially interested in the possibilities personalisation offers when it comes to differentiated experiences, empowering travellers to make the right choices at the right price, and providing them with a sense of spontaneity during their journey.

Check out the Amadeus Traveller Trends Observatory website to learn more about the three traveller segments we’ve identified and drop me a line if you have any feedback about my presentation.


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