EIT Digital innovation project set to improve “in destination” tourism experience

Pascal Bourcier

Innovation Activity Lead, Amadeus IT Group

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City visitors often struggle to identify local or limited-time tourist offers beyond the classic landmarks or attractions because there are so many different sources of information. There's a real lack of personalised planning tools that effectively combine all those offerings while considering time and budget constraints. In addition, classic tourist packages have so far offered little or no flexibility to the traveller and have generally left out short stays.

young woman enjoying the view from the top of the hill

We are now researching innovative ways to overcome this obstacle in partnership with EIT Digital, a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation. At the EIT Digital Conference 2017 in Brussels, we presented ‘PasTime’.

PasTime is an innovative concept that will offer city visitors personalised, smart and attractive tourist recommendations by combining a comprehensive local knowledge base with a deep understanding of traveller behaviour and interests.

Through data analytics and machine learning, PasTime will bring together visitors’ profiles and local tourist information to provide bundled and hyper-personalized recommendations of sights and activities.

Amadeus will be coordinating the activity as well as developing new ways to match tourist packages with user profiles and lead B2B commercialisation.

Our aim is to revolutionise how people select and purchase local tourist offers. We expect this concept will have a direct impact on local and hyper-local tourist services. This will boost event reservations and activities thanks to the traveller having better visibility and being able to make smart combinations of sights and activities.

At the conference, I was happy to present this promising innovation with the other PasTime partners: Technische Universiteit Delft (Innovalor), EURECOM, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Localidata), ISMB and Data-Moove.

There was great interest in PasTime from many of the more than 700 delegates in attendance, including large and small corporates, leading research institutes, in addition to decision makers from the European Commission and other public authorities.

You can read more about PasTime in this EIT Digital Newsroom article Avoid Tourist Traps with new Tourist Apps: Innovation from EIT Digital to revolutionise travel bookings and sightseeing.