Efficient corporate travel management makes life easier for this global leader

Miia Antila

Sales Director, Amadeus Finland

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Results reached in cooperation. Wärtsilä’s Petra Metsola
on the right and Amadeus Finland’s Miia Antila on the left.


With 18,700 employees and operations in nearly 70 countries around the world, efficient corporate travel planning is essential for Wärtsilä, a global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets.

Like many companies, Wärtsilä placed travelling and the costs incurred in the spotlight and decided to implement Amadeus e-Travel Management to facilitate the planning and booking process for business trips. The implementation of the customised online tool began in spring 2014, and the service was rolled out in the autumn for one traveller group.

Global Category Manager of Travel, Petra Metsola, said that they “chose Amadeus’ online tool because it is easy to use and we can also expand its use to other traveller groups and new countries.”

At Wärtsilä, travellers mostly book their business trips, which include flights, hotels, cars, taxis and domestic trains, on their own, so it is important that the company’s travel policies can be implemented through the system.

Additionally, Wärtsilä can channel travel to the desired suppliers and, when necessary, their travel expense report system can be linked to the travel booking process.

“Technology supporting travel management must work seamlessly between various systems. We want to enhance the overall process of travel management and create easy-to-use solutions for travellers. With Amadeus e-Travel Management we can enhance and speed up easy business trip reservations and, at the same time, save employees’ time, which they can use to implement our core business operations,”

says Metsola.

Amadeus e-Travel Management saves timeand costs, plus, as much as 98% of business trips can be booked using the tool, which makes life easier for travel managers and saves costs for corporations.

Close partnerships with clients like Wärtsilä are important to us because we want to support our customers in the overall development of travel management and, at the same time, hear about any possible suggestions for improvement directly from them.

Have a look at the Amadeus e-Travel Managementpage for more about how this solution can help corporations take control of their travel programme.


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