easyJet – Amadeus empower travel agencies to overcome challenges when booking LCCs

Orazio Lambiase

Head of Distribution, easyJet

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Low-cost carriers are rapidly evolving, dramatically impacting the travel space and travel agencies need to keep pace with them to survive in the modern travel industry. With this in mind, we worked with Amadeus to address the fragmented, inefficient and desynchronised booking process for LCCs. We were able to empower travel agencies around Europe through engagement and dedication to leverage this trend in the most profitable way and the results have been amazing.

By focusing on efficiency, profitability, and the integration of systems and adapting our product to the Business Traveller– we’ve jointly helped travel agencies realise the benefits of Amadeus Light Ticketing functionality and the available easyJet content. We’ve also been able to drive internal change by encouraging travel agencies to take advantage of booking easyJet on Amadeus.

Working together for better results

Collaboration has been at the heart of all this and joint activities like the webinars and workshops we hosted in France and the UK are just a few examples of how working together can generate real business results.

By providing quality service to highly valuable business passengers, travel agencies have seen a positive impact on their operations and bottom line. To learn more straight from our travel agency partners – have a look at these videos, in which they share how this project addressed their challenges and the real value they find in Light Ticketing functionality.

Did you know that booking easyJet via Amadeus is five times faster than booking it on any other channel? Check the LCC Savings calculator to see how much you can save by migrating your bookings to Amadeus.


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