easyJet and Amadeus: Partnering for Success in European Business Travel

Anthony Drury

Head of Business, easyJet

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We’re renowned for our low-cost philosophy and quality of service in the European leisure travel market, but what’s really new is the realisation by corporate travellers that easyJet also offers a highly valuable and tailored offer specifically for them. Today, business travel represents 20% our total bookings and our partnership with Amadeus was a key part to making this happen.

A Case Study in Partnership with Amadeus

We set out with a clear objective in 2013 to increase our corporate travel bookings using Amadeus Light Ticketing and we’ve done just that, with growth doubling year-on-year, both online and offline. This was achieved with a market by market approach, where Amadeus personnel were tasked with driving LCC and specifically easyJet adoption through a programme of education and training with TMC and corporate partners – from agency headquarters to corporate centres to individual travel consultants.

This success is detailed in our joint case study entitled easyJet’s Success in European Business Travel: A Case Study in Partnership with Amadeus.

easyJet operates on more of Europe’s top 100 routes than any other airline. With comprehensive offers for travel agency distribution and continued investment in new routes and schedules, we’re better meeting the needs of corporate travellers and helping make business travel easy and affordable for everyone.

Travel agents are realising that booking easyJet via Amadeus Light Ticketing makes business sense because it’s easy, fast, and most importantly it promotes better customer service with a more complete offer, better tracking, and faster rebookings.

We’ve had great results the last couple of years. Together with Amadeus, we’re adapting from a technology perspective to what the customer wants. We’ve had great success, and these results are only the start of a longer-term success story.


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