The easier the app is to use, the more people will adopt it

Lydie Charpin

Global Head of Corporation Solutions, Amadeus

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User experience plays a pivotal role in enabling traveler centricity. There’s growing recognition that user experience improves both user acquisition and retention. By designing the experience around the needs and wants of the user, in this case, the business traveler, corporations stand to benefit from higher adoption and engagement.


The new user interface for our corporate travel app - Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense – is built on this premise. Equipped with smart features that deliver a brilliant user experience, the solution is powering smarter business travel and seeks to maximize controlled program adoption.

How does this benefit your corporation? Well, the more people that use the tool, the more your corporation has control over its employees travel expenses, and will therefore ensure a better return on investment and duty of care.

So what’s different now?

  • More responsive user interface design: Built with B2C online website standards, the solutions offers the best content, from Amadeus and other sources, with a unified display. The offer is well described and comparable no matter the source, and the user can book and expense their travel no matter the device.
  • Big on time saving features: One of the pet peeves for most corporate travelers is filing travel expense claims, and our solution tackles this at multiple levels. - With the maximum level of integration between the online booking and the expense management tool, Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense accelerates expense declaration. Booking data is instantly available in the expense reports which means users do not need to enter it manually, saving loads of time. - Less time needed for reimbursements: Integration with enterprise resource planning and payroll system speeds up time of reimbursement. - Powerful receipt recognition based on machine learning engine and optical character recognition) technology reads the expenses and speeds up the expense process.
  • Personalization and decision helper: Users can check traveler reviews, and the best personalized offers can be actively pushed via notifications to the traveler, helping the traveler decide on the best offer.
  • Fraud protection with security checks: The right checks and balances all along the flow of the travel management process can help prevent mistakes and fraud.

The traveler is at the heart of what we do. And when it comes to mobile technology, it’s crucial that we make it easy for them to use throughout their entire journey.

Find out what our new user interface looks like in this video:

Behind every journey: Discover the Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense user experience

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