Earning the trust of travellers in a collaborative travel environment

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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We established in our comprehensive industry report that the single key message for travel providers for the next decade is arguably not about placing bets on a single technology, but rather about shifting focus from satisfying the needs and wants of individual travellers to providing the environment for networks and flows of travellers as a group to move and flourish.


Specifically, this will entail working with more and better data.

There will be more data on all aspects of the travel experience, and travel providers will need to become more adept at managing and making sense of large quantities of data across multiple sources.

However, this isn’t about knowing more about your customer so you can sell more to them.

Success in an environment of collaborative travel requires earning the trust of travellers, which in turn means that it needs to be apparent to them that the data they give you translates into a higher quality of service.

This is the difference between welcoming more tailored and intelligent recommendations from a service such as Amazon, and rejecting unsolicited direct mail out of hand.

Let us know how you think travel providers can deliver better services with improved data in the comments section below.


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