[VIDEO] Interpreting the dreams of travellers for a more personalised experience

Rubén Fernández Castro

Tour Operators Management, Amadeus España

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Technology has been radically changing the tourism and the travel industry for quite some time now. However, there’s also a human factor to take into account.

Stefan Dapper

According to Stefan Dapper, Managing Director of TUI Spain, travel agents have the ability to interpret people’s wishes and dreams, and when talking about travel, dreams are the core ingredient.

Of course, no two dreams are alike. That is the reason why, in Dapper’s opinion, personalisation has gained particular relevance when it comes to shaping the future of travel. And as all of us who’ve worked in the industry know, clients can change their needs and demands quicker than a chameleon can change its colours depending on the information they receive or the type of trip they are about to make.

Technology plays a crucial role, because it helps to order, filter and make all the information available on the traveller and product side more usable.

Undoubtedly, technology and professional competence is a match made in heaven for travel agents and tour operators who want to succeed in a future full of challenges and opportunities.

Have a look at this interview with Stefan Dapper for more of his insights on the future of travel.


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