Diversity makes human sense

Sabine Hansen Peck

Senior VP, Human Resources, Communications & Branding, Amadeus IT Group

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When was the last time you read something that really made you think? This happened to me last week, when I came across an article about the LGBT workforce in the Huffington Post.


The article cited research findings that talented LGBT employees leave their workplaces because they do not feel welcomed - statistics show that nearly one in every ten LGBT employee has left their job because the work environment was unwelcoming. These employees believed that it was unprofessional to talk about their sexual orientation and gender identity openly in the workplace.

The study also indicated that more than one-third of LGBT employees hide their personal lives at work. The article claimed that millions of Americans today go to work fearful of losing their jobs because of who they are.

When we appointed a Chief Diversity Officer over a year ago, our initial approach was to focus on the visible parts of diversity such as race, culture, nationality and most recently gender.

We have included Diversity & Inclusion in our 2015 Global Annual Report (page 97), and celebrated the UN International Women’s day, the Girls in ICT day and the International Day of Cultural Diversity. Since then, we have also sponsored the LGBT@work initiative, hosted by the renowned Instituto de Empresa earlier this month in Madrid, Spain. Our commitment towards diversity and inclusion has also been also reflected in our recruitment, promotion, retention, non-discrimination and other policies and practices.

At Amadeus we believe that there is a clear business case for Diversity and Inclusion, as today’s global workforce is increasingly diverse when it comes to personal characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender, origin, beliefs and sexual orientation. Plenty of research indicates that a well-managed diverse workforce will have a positive impact to the bottom line through reduced turnover and increased employee engagement, creativity and innovation. Ultimately, an inclusive environment will also result in generating a more sustainable profit.

So, we know that diversity makes business sense and more importantly, I firmly believe that it makes human sense too. At Amadeus, we aim to build an environment where employees can be who they are, where they can bring their skills and talents to the workplace and where there are fair and equal opportunities for professional as well as for personal growth.

Together with my colleagues in the Amadeus Executive Committee, we will keep working to create a company which is inclusive of gender, beliefs, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and identity. We want to attract, retain and promote a workforce that looks unalike, works differently, speaks different languages and brings different perspectives to the table.

Ultimately, our ability to manage diverse groups of people will be the difference between success and failure – not only as business leaders, but also as human beings.

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