Identifying and responding to the key disruptors ahead for the travel industry

Tomás Monge

Senior Manager, Executive Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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Headlines these days appear to be full of bad omens for the travel industry. Whether it is terrorism in Europe or tensions in the South China Sea, our familiar world is unravelling.

“Technology has never held more promise for the travel industry,” says Alex Luzarraga, Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Amadeus. “Nevertheless, there is a sense of societies being broken, of unfairness and inequality and lack of opportunities for many people. So as technology advances, the traditional status quo is being up-ended. There is mistrust and populism. Things we used to take for granted, like the right to travel across Europe without passports, may be less likely in future.”

With so many new issues ahead, Amadeus decided to identify the key disruptors to the travel industry over the next five to seven years. We commissioned A.T. Kearney to ask some of the best minds in the technology and travel industries to look at all the factors that are, or may soon be, transforming our industry. Why? So we are all prepared to respond to whatever lies ahead.

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The result is not an attempt to predict the future. Rather, it is a look at possible ‘what if’ scenarios that are the result of a number of factors. These include the most relevant global political and economic trends, technological advances, regulation, demographics and social change, and how they interact with each other.

These scenarios, and their implications for the global travel ecosystem, are the object of this paper. For more – download a copy of the report here and have a look at this video.