Discussions at ACTE Barcelona reiterate that now is the time to act on big data

Florian Tinnus

Head of Corporate IT, Amadeus IT Group

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I also had an opportunity to talk about some of our research surrounding Big Data during the event and I think this really sparked a lot of discussion, with one clear realisation: that we now have the chance to become the centre of our own knowledge universe, one that constantly reconfigures itself to match our needs and big data will propel the next wave of business transformation.

ACTE Barcelona 2013


Today, companies are profiting in ways which did not even exist five to eight years ago, making it all the more important to consider which products and services we need to be offering in the decades ahead. And not being first is a risk. I was happy to discuss this topic, among many others, at the

ACTE Global Education Conference

held in Barcelona this week.

The volume of data is growing exponentially and theAmadeus Data Centreis now generating over one petabyte of data a day.

But what does all of this data mean for corporate travellers and TMCs?

It means a new level of insight and opportunity that help deliver a more intelligent travel experience. It means a more effective, fact-based decision making processes with greater product and service innovation. Most importantly, it means a competitive advantage and stronger customer relationships by delivering targeted, customised services and a more intelligent, fun and responsive travel experience.

There are challenges to be sure, but emerging technologies will be key to the big data evolution: the onset of newopen-source softwarefor dividing data processing jobs across multiple commodity servers, together with new types of databases including ‘columnar’ and ‘vertical’ approaches, and emerging programming languages like Python, Pig and Hive, combine to deliver the potential to harness big data.

Be sure to check out ourresearch report on Big Datafor more in-depth analysis and case studies.

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