Digital transformation creating tailwinds for airlines in Asia Pacific and beyond

Jonathan Tong

Head of Airline IT Solutions, Asia Pacific, Amadeus

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For years it’s been the retail and banking industries that have grabbed headlines for digital transformative initiatives. By comparison, airlines have been much quieter on the innovation front – until now.

This new reality was brought to life with real world examples at the first Asia Pacific Digital Forum for Airlines in Bangkok. We welcomed 21 airlines from around the region to join in a spirited conversation about the digital developments the industry is seeing across APAC.

The heart and soul of this forum was all about making a traveler’s experience more intuitive, unified, and memorable with the power of digital solutions.

The software giant Adobe was on hand to talk about our ground-breaking partnership with them in the digital experience space. Adobe and Amadeus explored the challenges airlines currently face and how the partnership will enable specific integration areas to start with, including experience management and personalization via data, as well as content and delivery synergies. These integrations will empower airlines to optimize the end-to-end online experience in a continuous fashion for business analysts. 

The Accenture Amadeus Alliance was another hot topic at the forum. Accenture detailed how the future of travel is liquid and airlines need to dive into the mindsets, expectations, and personalized experiences required by travelers today. Exploring new traveler segmentations – from cultural purists to the Instagram traveler – was suggested as a key focus for airlines.

We were happy to welcome some non-Asia Pacific based carriers to the forum as well. American Airlines shared its story about the fantastic results it has seen with Amadeus e-Retail DX online booking system. The U.S. based carrier wanted to focus on product expansion, online conversion and revenue generation, so it adopted our cutting edge booking system. So far, the numbers speaks for themselves: customers loved it with an increase of revenue by 17%.

The digital transformation rippling through the airline industry tells us one thing: that technology is moving at breakneck speed. With that come capabilities to elevate a traveler’s experience and all these changes can be daunting to keep up with. Forums like this are priceless opportunities to stay at the forefront of these airline trends and we thank our customers and partners for making the first Amadeus APAC Digital Forum for airlines a success.


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