Destination services can make or break your next trip

Janete Ripardo

Sales Manager for Mobile, Amadeus

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I consider myself a world citizen as a Brazilian living for more than a decade on another continent and working as a Sales Manager in various countries. This has given me an open mind and the opportunity to experience new destinations.

It has also given me the chance to do a lot of travelling for leisure and business. And sometimes a combination of both; what we refer to as bleisure travel. However, it takes a lot of time to plan, coordinate, and book my travel. Many travelers share the same frustrations in trying to make the most of their next journey. And yet, they are determined to always make their journey exceed their expectations. Whether you are the plan-ahead type or a spontaneous kind of traveler, this is where the right ancillary services can help you make the most of your trip.

And travelers are definitely interested in these services. Our latest research shows that 93% of travelers consider ancillary destination services to be an important part of their overall travel experience, while 40% of these travelers believe they make their trips more productive and enjoyable.


“Travelers demand more variety and insight into their destinations – they want real insider knowledge. At a time where there is massive over-tourism they seek a more authentic experience, experiences that make them off the beaten track. They expect real local knowledge.”

Paloma Salmeron Planells, Head of Communications, Airhelp


Today, mobile technology allows travelers to always be connected while giving easy access to an endless variety of destination services where travelers can make spontaneous decisions. Mobile opens new doors in the ancillary destination services game and it provides the perfect platform by directly uniting travelers with destination services. Now more than ever, it’s up to travel agents, corporate travel managers, travel providers and travel technologists to take the lead and help travelers make the most of their trip in Destination X – where unique experiences are just a swipe and tap away.

So, while I’m continuing my travels – and checking off the unique experiences on my bucket list, I hope you’ll do the same. And as we say in Portuguese: “Vem comigo… embarque nessa!” – Your next Destination X is awaiting.

To find out more about our findings and recommendations on how to best help travelers in Destination X, visit amadeus.com/DestinationX, where you can download our insight paper, view our infographic and the 8 key trends extracted from our research.

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