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Lydie Charpin

Global Head of Corporation Solutions, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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Imagine a scenario where the business travelers you sent on an offsite to Bali, Indonesia are en route home, but you have just received information of a virus in the country that may have impacted the group. As a safety precaution, each member of the group needs to be alerted, briefed about the health advisory and advised to check in with a doctor before reporting into work. The logistics of handling a situation like this can leave any corporation and/or business travel agency feeling flustered. And if not handled adeptly it can leave the travelers panic stricken too.   

Travel disruptions are always tough to deal with. They can range from minor incidents such as airport strikes and weather-related cancellations, to major catastrophes such as earthquakes and political conflicts. 

Now imagine a scenario where you can set up a system that detects the health scare and an email is automatically sent to your travelers to warn them. You then simply have to follow it up with a single message to all recommending they report to a doctor – all this in less than a minute. 

Well, the above description is not a hypothetical solution but one that already exists. Amadeus Mobile Messenger works with an app installed on the traveler's smartphone. It uses risk monitoring technology to evaluate any potential threats, tracks the people most likely to be impacted and automatically communicates with them in the event of an incident. If a traveler doesn’t have a smartphone, Amadeus Mobile Messenger can send an SMS or email instead. 

The developer of the incident management technology is a small Georgia, USA-based company by the name of Charter Solutions International. When we realized the benefits of this technology, we formed a partnership with the company to resell the solution and branded it as Amadeus Mobile Messenger. We have now fully acquired this technology and the solution fits seamlessly within the Amadeus portfolio of solutions for Corporations and Business Travel Agencies.

These are some of the key benefits:

  • Reinforced risk management strategy 
  • Fast, efficient professional help 
  • Increased productivity through automation 
  • Anticipated disruption: saves time and cuts costs 
  • Real-time, automated updates 
  • Improved traveler safety and trust

Today, when most corporations have alegal obligationto care for their traveling employees, it becomes extremely important to stay a step ahead of any eventuality. And while monitoring risks and threats, and efficiently containing them is one component of what our platform can help achieve, we go much beyond that. Business travelers require peace of mind from the time they start to plan their trip to the end. From organizing their schedules to finally reconciling all travel expenses, business travelers need a comprehensive, end-to-end technology that truly enables smarter business travel. This is what Amadeus is working towards with our flagship corporate solutions, includingAmadeus cytric Travel & Expense,and looking to innovate upon with our corporate customers in theLive Travel Space. 

For more information on Amadeus Mobile Messenger, check out this video:

For more information, check out our webpage on the Live Travel Space.

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