Delivering information fast during COVID-19 with advertising solutions

Sol Freixa

Global Director for Travel Advertising Sales & Marketing, Travel Channels, Amadeus

This is the fourth blog post of our COVID-19 series where we explore what Amadeus is doing to support our customers across the business during this difficult time.

During any difficult crisis, such as the current COVID-19 situation, getting accurate information fast is crucial. This is something we may take for granted in other situations and appreciate even more so now. Within the travel industry, sharing information quickly between different travel providers has meant helping travelers get home safely and reorganizing future trips planned while being safe at home.

At Amadeus, we have been working closely with our customers across all areas of the travel industry in order to help them navigate this complicated situation. Specifically, for our travel agency and corporate customers, Decius Valmorbida, President of Travel Channels, outlined some measures we’re taking to share information with them in this fast-changing situation. 

One initiative mentioned is how we’re offering our advertising slots for free to companies in the travel industry, so they can share important updates to the travel agency community and travelers about any disruptions in services impacted by COVID-19. This blog explores this initiative in more detail.

Information from travel providers 

Travel companies can choose to share their updates to Amadeus-connected travel agents via banners in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect and to travelers via itinerary documents. 

Airlines, airports, car rental companies, cruise companies and rail operators are just some customers taking advantage of this. And we’ve already seen a great response to these messages with a click through rate 10 times higher than usual. In an average year, these banners in Amadeus achieve over 7.2 billion impressions across 190 markets and over 57 million traveler itineraries are sent with a 100% open rate.

Here are four ways travel companies can get important updates to travel agents and travelers via Amadeus quickly and easily during this time: 

  1. When a travel agent makes a new booking, the banner will appear with the specific update. For example, if the travel agent books a flight from London to New York, the banner from the airline operating this flight could appear with important information about flight schedules, cancelation policies, or any other potential disruption the travel agent should be aware of. 
  2. When a travel agent retrieves a booking, the banner will appear with information from companies related to that booking. For example, if the travel agent modifies a flight due to a schedule change and the PNR shows a car rental booking, the banner could appear with information from the car rental company about how to make cancelations during this time.
  3. When a travel agent sends the confirmation documents to the traveler or has sent it in the past (as adverts refresh every time the user opens the email), the banner will appear directly in the itinerary. For example, if the traveler has new flight details, the banner could include information about guidance at the departing airport, airline customer support contact details, or information from the rail operator at the arrival destination. 
  4. When a travel agent uses the Amadeus Travel Platform, a chatbot-driven FAQ will be also be accessible through these dedicated banners. Here the agency community has access to information from different travel companies about impacted bookings, instructions and directions that might be useful in the context of the outbreak. 

These are just some examples of how our customers are using this powerful channel to share important updates during this difficult time.

Information from Amadeus 

Whilst most of the banners are being used for updates from travel providers, our Travel Channels team within Amadeus is also using these banners to share helpful tips & tricks to travel agents around the world. This information helps travel agents respond to traveler questions, save time, automate processes as much as possible, and show how to efficiently use our solutions remotely. 

Offering our advertising slots to travel companies and using them to guide travel agencies during their workday, are just some examples of how we’re helping our customers during this time. We will continue to closely monitor the situation with COVID-19 and work with our customers to explore further options and measures.

In the coming days, my colleagues from other parts of the Amadeus business will be sharing the steps they are taking to support their customers too.

For more specific information about how we are helping our travel agency and corporate customers within the Travel Channels community, you can refer to our recently published website here

COVID-19 Amadeus Travel Channels update

Helping our travel agency community and corporate customers navigate COVID-19. At Amadeus, our priority is to ensure the...

Helping our travel agency community and corporate customers navigate COVID-19. At Amadeus, our priority is to ensure the health and well-being of our employees, and to support our customers.

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